Maths at Timbercroft

Maths is a brilliant subject that encourages creativity and problem solving. At Timbercroft we believe that as well as learning important number skills and methods for working out different questions it is also vitally important that the children learn  investigative and problem solving skills. If you walk around Timbercroft you will see that that the children are taught a range of strategies to solve problems.

We encourage the children to use the following strategies:

  • Work Systematically
  • Reason Logically
  • Work Backwards
  • Try a simpler case
  • Act out the situation
  • Draw and organised list or table
  • Trial and Improvement

We at Timbercroft have a real excitement for maths and, where possible, we link our maths learning to other areas of the curriculum. Maths is taught daily and we also incorporate many ‘real-life’ contexts for the children to develop and apply their maths skills. Pupils are encouraged to solve problems, both collaboratively and independently, and are provided with a rich learning environment that allows them to experiment with different mathematical ways of thinking. We have a strong emphasis on number and calculation as this can be applied in all other areas of mathematics.

Our aim at Timbercroft is to ensure that all children are fluent in number skills and that they can apply this knowledge confidently and accurately in word problems and investigations. This allows the child to reason mathematically and persevere in seeking solutions to problems.

We plan from Lancashire Mathematics.

What we learn in each year:

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5 

Year 6 

 " I enjoy maths because my teacher helps me achieve high levels and they always encourage me. "