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Live Learning Remotely

Following the recent Government announcement that schools will not be opening for all children  until February half term (at the time of writing), this letter below aims to provide clarity as to what work your child is  expected to complete whilst at home.  

In order for staff to fully prepare for this new style of teaching, online learning will begin from  Monday 11th  January 2021. The information enclosed in this letter will let you know how to  access this.  

Children are expected to attend one live lesson on a Monday morning and two live lessons a day (each lasting 30 minutes) Tuesday to Friday; we are beginning with one maths lesson and one reading lesson each day.

They will receive a post on Google Classroom (KS1&2) or Tapestry (EYFS) with their timetable of live lessons. The lesson time will be the same each day Tuesday to Friday. The teachers have tried their best to ensure that siblings have been given different time slots.

Staff will run through the etiquette for live online lessons during the first session and, thereafter, the  rules must be followed; staff will not tolerate unacceptable behaviour and will stop the session, asking children to leave and complete learning independently if the rules are not adhered to.  Before your child's first session please read through the Live Lessons Code of Conduct and discuss the expectations with your child.

Parents are not permitted to record or share any element of live lessons - under GDPR law. If any instances occur they will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

We are extremely grateful for your continued support and cannot wait to see your child properly at the end of this isolation period.  

Parents Letter                                                Live Learning Code of Conduct          

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Please see our Google Classroom Page for support guides and FAQs to guide you.