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Pupil Premium 

 What is Pupil Premium?

Pupil premium is government funding provided to schools to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and to close the gaps between them and their peers. It is to provide opportunities and experiences to improve the outcomes for those children.

At Timbercroft we use the Pupil Premium to ensure that our most vulnerable children are given opportunities with additional support to enhance their development and educational attainment.

Use the link below to read our detailed Pupil Premium Strategy, this includes 'What has worked well previously and our 'Lessons Learnt'.

See Full Pupil Premium Strategy Here

How Timbercroft will spend their Pupil Premium allocation 2020/2021?

Desired outcome


Evidence and Rationale


All children receive first quality teaching.


Vulnerable groups of children receive targeted support.


Other Approaches


Additional support from speech and language therapists.

Children continue to be seen quicker for assessment and programmes can be started earlier. Speech and Language therapist 2 days a week.


LEXIA phonics intervention

The progress of PP children in Lexia has shown a positive impact on overall attainment. Continue with this.


Financial support for school trips; support for voluntary contributions.

This will enable more children to be able to access school trips. We will again run 12 extra-curricular clubs for free to help widen the interest of children and give them new experiences.


Sports coaches employed to take PE sessions for additional sessions allowing teachers to observe others for their professional development. (Talk for teaching)

Coaches will continue to read to small groups and individual children on a one to one basis. They will also cover sports sessions to enable teachers to observe good practice, have the opportunity to talk to each other about lessons, reflect on what they have seen and their own teaching, embedding skills, knowledge and ideas in their own classrooms.


Smaller groups focus on narrowing the gap in Reading and Maths, LSAs to support group work.

LSAs will support smaller group work to help improve data in reading and writing to help close the gap between these and maths. LSA’s to support groups in English lessons as well as during guided reading sessions.


Staff training- to raise the focus on expectations for vulnerable children.

This will ensure that teachers know how to identify any gaps between vulnerable groups and are confident to action plan how to close them. Staff will have a deeper understanding of how attachment and emotional resilience difficulties can impact on children within their class. Strategies will be provided to support teachers when planning for these children.


Additional Ed Psych input.

To ensure that pupils who are PP and SEND are seen quicker and recommendations are able to be put in place at the earliest opportunity to support their access to the curriculum.


Dynamo Maths

Children experiencing difficulties with maths will have access to the step by step programme whilst being supported by an LSA. The programme screens for dyscalculia and provides individualised programmes based on their assessment and their learning needs.



Specific staff will attend outside training for mindfulness. Those staff will disseminate to the whole staff which will be implemented in each class. This will support the social, emotional and mental health of pupils. Staff and pupil wellbeing will be improved. 


Aspirations and Achievement Week

At Timbercroft we will invest in aspiration and achievement weeks to help raise the aspirations of our children so they can see a range of different careers that they could have in the future. During this week we will invite a number of outside agencies and parents to speak to the children and work with them.

£0 postponed until next year

My Concern

Staff will be able to log concerns about individual children on an electronic database. This will enable DSL’s to ensure early help is offered to the most vulnerable families at the earliest possible opportunity.


Learning Mentor

The school employs a learning mentor who works with children across the school. We have a high proportion of children with emotional needs and non-academic needs and these excellent members of staff will spend a lot of time ensuring that the children are able to get the help that they need.


Developing middle leaders and teachers understanding of pupil premium children and their roles to support and help raise progress and attainment.

Pupil Premium champion to work closely with teachers to analyse PP data and plan for these children. Supply teachers to cover once a term to enable this to happen. Resources will be purchased to support.


Total budgeted cost: