School Council 

What is a School Council?

School Council is a group of pupils elected annually to represent the views of all pupils in order to make improvements on how the school is run.

Who are they?  

At Timbercroft we have a total of 24 School Council members, two children from each class in Years 1–6.   

Some Council members hold additional responsibilities such as the secretary (Year 6 representatives take turns on a fortnightly basis) who takes minutes and distributes papers, or the chairperson (Mrs Banks), who runs the meeting using the agenda and encourages participation from all representatives.

Do you have what it takes to be a school council representative?

Anyone who wants to be a school council representative must have an abundance of ideas and be interested in promoting our school values and ethos. To apply for the job individuals must complete a brief application form at the beginning of each academic year, highlighting reasons why they would make a suitable candidate. Suitable applicants should then present a speech to the rest of their class, who get to take an anonymous vote for their favourite candidate. Each individual is aware of the importance of the role and how they must be outstanding individuals who follow and model our school values and ethos, showing respect to children and adults alike.

So where do school council representatives meet and what are their key jobs?

School council meet regularly to discuss and decide how improvements can be made to our school. They meet with their classes to generate ideas and discuss pending projects. Next they showcase their highly professional pitches to SLT, who decide where funds can be released. They meet fortnightly in the school staffroom where refreshments are offered at the end of each session and one of their main roles is obtaining views from children and staff in order to make positive and effective changes in the school.

What are they doing at the moment?

The very first School Council meeting this September was an opportunity for representatives to start thinking about ideas for the school vision. In groups they generated words that they felt represented Timbercroft. They then listed these in order of importance and cropped the lists to the five most important words. In groups they then wrote they own vision statements. Here are just a few to enjoy…

At Timbercroft we are a friendly team, encouraging each other and achieving together. Our school is part of an honest and trustworthy community. At Timbercroft we share the responsibility of educating each other.

Timbercroft has an amazing environment and work ethos that gives children encouragement and opportunities to improve their learning and behaviour, this will open new doors for them. At Timbercroft we are very friendly and respectful.

At Timbercroft our key thing is safety. We want everyone to be involved in learning activities safely. No one should feel left out and we think everyone should be respectful of each other and let their voice be heard. At Timbercroft our behaviour is number one!

At Timbercroft we believe that education is important to everyone. Another key thing is safety because we think that every child has the right to be safe. The Timbercroft learning environments are incredible because they open up opportunities for us to learn.

 They also interviewed children about their views on the playground and decided the equipment outside needed replenishing. During the month of October they worked with their classes to compile a wish list of playground equipment they felt was important in improving the quality of leisure time they enjoyed at lunch. The office staff are now in the process of ordering these requests to increase and improve the amount equipment in our playground areas. When the new equipment arrives they aim to interview children again to ensure they are pleased with the new apparatus. 

Next on our list is a bigger project, something to really get our teeth into! Something that will really improve our school. A project that will have a positive impact on everyone in our school community.

Together with their classes they compiled a list of 30 ideas for bigger projects. They’ve since cropped this list to their top 10 favourites. Here are the 10 potential projects.  

Which project would you like to see funded?

KS1 and KS2 Lunch together

Colourful Painted Gates

World Week- Whole School Celebration

Tuck Shop

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Creative Friday

Talent Show

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